Revolution Live: Planning

Event Concept: For the last two months, we have been creating and planning a live music event as part of our Events Management module. Our final event is called Revolution Live and will be taking place on Monday 25th March @ Revolution in Cheltenham. The concept of our event is to make University music events... Continue Reading →

Designing a Specialist Festival

Set Task 7 - Specialist Festivals  -download link As part of our MD5212 module we were set 7 different mini-tasks to complete, one of which is to design our own specialist festival. Below is the festival I have designed which is one that combines music with amateur sport.  

Comparative Piece on Two Major UK Festivals

Two Festival Comparison - download link In this piece, I am going to question the cultural, social and economic impacts of festivals through the analysis of similarities and differences between Capital’s Summertime Ball and BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend since their inaugurations in 2009 and 2003 respectively. ‘A performance event comprising two or more live performances... Continue Reading →

Product Development: MixMap App

For our Mobile App Development module, we are currently under the process of developing our own music app and researching into our market and customer base. Our product is MixMap, a playlist sharing solution. MixMap offers users the ability to share and discover playlists on a map based platform by creating avatars, adding friends uploading... Continue Reading →

Global Ecologies Research Projects

Short Video Project: As part of the Global Ecologies module, we were tasked with creating a short video which explores Manuel De Landa's idea of how a city (or in Cheltenham's case, Cultural capital' integrates itself with the surrounding area. From conducting our own research around the topic, we discovered a book by Ruth Finnegan... Continue Reading →

Creating Promotional Material for Adam Thorn

I was asked by singer-songwriter Adam Thorn to create promotional posters for his upcoming gigs as a solo artist. These were the final two posters, taking two different approaches - one more informational and one more artistic and visually pleasing. The venue manager  as well as Adam was very happy with both. Following creating the gig... Continue Reading →

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