Artist Profile: Ryan Nicklin

As a music business student, during our Mapping the Music Industry module lecture on the 12/10/17 I got to work with one of the Popular Music students Ryan Nicklin about his music up to date and his future plan to develop as an artist.

As of current he is only exhibiting his original songs on Soundcloud, some of which is featured below. When asked why, he answered that he is currently not ready to put his music on other platforms (which may be monetary based) as he doesn’t believe his music is currently ready to sell. He views Soundcloud as a good base to make his music public, and gain feedback as it enables friends, family and other users to hear his original music, as well as build up a portfolio of his work.

We discussed that his music as of current is not well marketed and therefore most of the audience is people he knows and who he has directed to his page. To boost his profile, he believes that he could improve the marketing of his Soundcloud profile on other social media profiles such as his twitter and Facebook page. He hopes by building a following on these profiles while simultaneously directing followers to his Soundcloud he can grow his listeners and audience.

Similarly, he hopes to build enough strong material to produce an EP or even album in the coming year which he can then market and distribute on his social media channels. He is also in the process of researching BBC Introducing which could give him a push in the right direction and open new avenues to contacts as well as potential listeners/fans.

To listen to Ryan’s work I have embedded some of his featured songs as well as a direct link to his Soundcloud profile below.

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