Internship at Wychwood Festival

Date: 29th May – 4th June

Location: Wychwood Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse


  • Working within the marketing team, promoting the festival in the local town through posters and flyers.
  • Running all Wychwood Social Media accounts, and updating them both before and during the festival.
  • Working within the customers service team, answering enquiries over the phone and email.
  • Organising post-set signings for artists, by acting as a liaison between the artist managers, and the record store team.
  • Working within the box office to check in artists, traders, and customers, ensuring everyone got the correct passes/wristbands.
  • Photographing around the festival, communicating with customers.

Wychwood Festival was my first real taste of working within the industry and networking with those already in it. I was lucky enough to meet and network with numerous interesting people working within the festival, who trusted me to take on lots of different job roles throughout the week. I learnt lots about how a festival is created, how it is organised in the days leading up to it, and how it is run during the 3 day event.

I also was lucky enough to meet many of the artists on the lineup and even got the chance to talk to local artists about their experience at Wychwood and what it means to them. The opportunity to network within the industry has helped me grow in confidence and realise that I am capable of entering the workplace and makes me want to look into the live sector more.

Below are some photo’s I took during the lead up to the event and during the event to promote on social media.

IMG_2259 IMG_2243 IMG_2413IMG_2557 IMG_2560

IMG_2715 IMG_2333

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