The Best Gig I have ever been to …

The best gig I have ever been to was Ed Sheeran on his Divide Tour in Birmingham in April 2017. Now… I’m not saying that you have to be front row to enjoy a gig as I have experienced many from both mid-pit and the back. However for this one in particular, being able to see Ed Sheeran up close (who reminds me that I am definitely a true music enthusiast) and being able to be immersed under the huge visual screens he tours the world with made the whole gig 100x better.

To top off what was already set to be an amazing gig, another one of my favourite artists Anne-Marie was supporting. Anne-Marie is notorious for her personality, especially expressing it through her performances (as can be seen in the video below) so being able to watch her perform up close was something I loved and would love to do again.

Obviously, to achieve the front row position you can see in the photo below (as featured on Ed’s instagram) we had to work hard … this included camping outside the arena the night before the event and then queuing all day. While it may seem crazy to some people, Ed Sheeran is both mine and my best friends favourite artist so to hear and see him within 2 metres of the stage was overall definitely more than worth it.

img_4785.jpg IMG_4783



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