BBC Music Introducing Live

Just a few days ago I was lucky enough to travel down to London and attend BBC Introducing Live, a music industry convention with the aim of providing network opportunities and career development for those hoping to work within music. As far as experiencing the industry goes, this is one of the best days I have had as I learnt so much and got to meet so many interesting people and people who I can only aspire to be as successful as.

One of the standout moments for me was a panel I attended about working within the live industry. Members on the panel included:

Glen Rowe – Founder of Neko Trust and Tour Director for Muse

Geoff Meall – Booking agent, Coda Agency

Sarah Slater – Vice President of Music and Festivals at Ticketmaster

Nigel Glasgow – Sound Engineer and Tour Manager

Dan Roe – Playback Engineer

Maisie Wood – Production Assistant at Modest Management

One of the main talking points at the panel was networking, and all of the members emphasised how important it is to meet new people and connect in and around the music industry. Following the talk, we also spoke privately with Glen Rowe who gave us advice on how to reach out to employers and get internships and spoke to Sarah Slater about the possibility of coming to our University to educate us more about the ticketing sector.

Following on from this advice, this event was a great chance to begin this networking. Upon looking around some of the independent music stores at the event, we got chatting with a rap artist named Tarju. He told us about his aspiration to build his experience performing live and how he would be interested in working with us in Cheltenham so we took his details and hope to work with him in the future as it would be a different but exciting opportunity to work outside of our university music network.

Finally, a third exciting moment from the event was getting to listen to Clean Bandits song breakdown session. Clean Bandit are a band I enjoy listening to simply as an enthusiast and sound engineering and songwriting is a sector of music I only have limited experience in. Therefore, I found it interesting to learn more about how their recent single ‘Solo’ went from an idea, to hearing about the songwriting process and being shown the production of it and different techniques used within Protools and Ableton.

The chance to also hear so many talented artists and watch them perform and busk was amazing. Below are some pictures from the event and I hope to attend more music networking events soon as I have learnt how valuable they can be.

IMG_5221 IMG_5223IMG_5198

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