Revolution Live: Planning

Event Concept:

For the last two months, we have been creating and planning a live music event as part of our Events Management module. Our final event is called Revolution Live and will be taking place on Monday 25th March @ Revolution in Cheltenham.

The concept of our event is to make University music events more inclusive of all students across courses and social groups. We believe the best way to do this is by finding common ground amongst students, drinking, and nights out. Therefore, we have modeled our gig on being ‘for the masses’ tailoring different elements to try and appeal to as many people as possible. For example, our artists are ‘pop’ singer-songwriters that should appeal to most music tastes, our marketing is informative but visually appealing, our costs are low and our partners UOG Rugby are able to reach out to an alternative student community.

Venue Liasion

After viewing the different venue possibilities, we decided that Revolution in Cheltenham would be the most suitable for our event. The factors that helped us make our decision was its capacity as we expect this event to be larger than our previous, it’s the location as it is close to MooMoo Clubrooms, and the reputation it has amongst students.

I, therefore, got in contact via email with the Events Co-ordinator at Revolution pitching the idea to her to see if she was interested. Thankfully she was and as a group, we went in for a meeting to discuss our ideas and how they could accommodate these.

The meeting was a success and we booked the venue with no fee, agreed that it would be a ticketed event and that Revolution was able to provide our attendees with drinks deals to lower the price. As all of this was verbally agreed, so I requested an event proposal to have everything discussed in writing.

I have attached the email correspondence and the Event Proposal below.

We plan to get back in contact with the venue a few days before the event to confirm any final details that may arise.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 18.34.53Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 18.35.19

Event Proposal from Revolution

Artist Booking:

As we have learned through numerous different modules and overall throughout the course, picking appropriate artists for either events or projects is very important.

For our event, we wanted artists who would appeal to a large demographic as our target audience spans different genders, social groups, and interests. The decision we made was to have artists that could be categories into the ‘pop’ genre as we believe this is the most inclusive, compared to perhaps other artists at uni who are more rock-based or soulful.

We began planning potential artists by writing a list of different University artists that we like and then we came together to discuss who would be the best fit for the event, both in terms of suiting the audience as well as logistically in terms of tech.

The final three artists we chose were:

IMG_7679Adam Thorn:

We chose to have Adam headline our gig as he has built a strong following in Cheltenham through playing regularly at music events, in particular, UOG Rugby’s event Tash Bash. He also has great stage presence and a set of popular covers which will appeal to our audience.

49148043_370774836826114_8335450731670667264_nJoel Francis:

Joel is usually seen as the frontman of band The Joey Bill, however, we have booked him for a solo set at our event because we couldn’t logistically host a full band at the venue with limited staging. Joel was chosen because he has very strong vocals which we believe will carry well in our venue and has already built a following through his band. We are also huge fans of his latest release and believe that our audience will enjoy this along with his covers.


Sabrina was chosen as she is a brand new pop artist with strong branding and catchy new single. We believe that this will translate well through our marketing campaign and will hold well as an opener for our event as it is upbeat and melodic.



After booking our artists, I sent all of them a follow-up email with information about the event as a whole and attached a contract for each of them to sign. I also requested them to send me their tech specs, ready for our meeting with the sound engineer Charlie and our technician Chris.

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 23.23.02.png

Event Crew + Roles

With the event being significantly larger than our previous ‘Smokey Joes Live Event’ we knew that it would be a larger scale operation both in terms of planning and execution on the day.

Our Roles:

We started the process by allocating us 4 specific roles which played to each of our strengths.

I was allocated Event Co-ordinator because I have experience in planning and working on events from my previous event in October as well as the larger scale Wychwood Festival internship last summer. I also naturally fall into leadership and organisation roles during our other team projects so saw it fit to lead the group and planning process for this one.  My responsibilities included bringing all the elements of the event together, putting together event documents, ensuring everyone was on task, and communicating with the venue and all crew.

Emily Mcdonagh was appointed Head of Marketing as she has experience on social media, with a good following and a strong ability to encourage word of mouth. She has also been appointed lead liaison with our UOG Rugby partners, pitching our idea to them and coordinating our marketing efforts.

Jordan Pepin was appointed Head of Liasion, with the responsibility of communicating with our artists and our tech crew. This role included taking the tech crew to our venue to create a plan for sound and staging, prior to the date.

Jake Ormson was appointed Head of Technical with the responsibility of organising equipment, tech specs, and staging. This is because he has the most experience of working with music equipment and an understanding of DJ’ing and sound tech.

Tech Crew:

As none of our group have enough experience to confidently lead the technical side of the event ourselves, we saw it fit to hire a sound engineer and technician to work and consult with us.

We hired Creative Music Tech student, Charlie Bennett, to be our Sound Engineer as we have worked with him before and therefore trust him and know we can rely on him.

We were also lucky enough to have graduate Chris Smee offer his experience. He has been consulting with us throughout the planning process on equipment and what would be the best set up for sound at our event. On the day, he will be working with Charlie on the sound and also in a technical role changing over sets and organising equipment.

Media Crew:

To document our event we decided we wanted a media crew to work with us on capturing footage, photographs and developing promotional material for future projects. I got in contact with Television Production Student Josh Holgate, who agreed he was happy to lead the media crew and run a project with them to develop the videos.

He then distributed a casting call (Attached below) across social media platforms and within his course group to create a media team of videographers. Each videographer will be tasked with a different brief on the night to ensure maximum footage is captured.

Similarly, I contacted photographer Iky to see if he wanted to be involved. Iky has an online portfolio full of portraits which match the creative vision we have for our event. Here is a link to his portfolio.

Finally, Chris our technician who is also head of record company Gameplan Records has offered the services of one of his photographers for the night. They will be tasked with capturing artist images and performance photos, therefore we wanted someone with music photography experience.

Copy of 2 for 1 cocktails £3 Spirit and Mixer £2.50 Corona Bottle £6 Six Shot Stix-2.png Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 00.09.06.png

Event Crew:

Finally, as we expect to be fairly busy throughout the event, we decided that it would be best to hire a small crew to assist us on different tasks throughout the evening. These tasks include collecting entry money on the door, running the raffle and selling tickets, decorating the venue, assisting attendees.

To find volunteers for the crew, I distributed an email to first-year Music Business students asking if anybody would be interested and had replies off the four listed below.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 00.16.56.png


Event Day Crew


To ensure both the smooth running of our Live event and the legality of the operation, we produced and distributed different documents regarding the contracts between all crew, a formal agreement with the venue, risk assessments to ensure health and safety, and an equipment agreement to hire university-owned equipment free of charge.


To establish a professional working agreement between us and all sectors of the crew, we wrote contracts laying out the terms of working together.

Notable clauses included are, the expected arrival time, the copyright of music and/or footage, that the party is not expecting payment and that should they cancel (for a valid reason) we must have 48 hours notice.

Attached below are the contracts distributed to our artists, media crew and photographer.

Download Links – Gig Contract – Media Gig Contract – Photographer Revs Gig Contract

Artist Contract:

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 18.54.43.png

Media Contract:

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 18.55.05.png

Photography Contract:

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 18.55.48.png

Venue Proposal:

To ensure the terms we agreed verbally were cemented, the venue wrote up an event proposal so we had an agreement in writing. Below is the document sent to us.

Event Proposal from Revolution.png


Risk Assessment

Revs Event Risk Assessment – download link

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.15.13.png Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.15.22.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.15.30.png Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.15.39.png

Equipment Agreement:

As students, we have the luxury of booking out the university’s array of equipment but have to take responsibilities that come with this. The notification below confirms the booking and enters our group into a formal agreement.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.27.09.png




As described in the Live Event Concept blog post, we want our event to act as a pre-drinks for people, before their student night out. GLAM is the company that hosts student Monday nights at MooMoo’s and therefore we reached out to them to see if they would like to partner with us to encourage more people to attend both our event and theirs. 

By partnering with the nightclub, they have offered us discounted entry and queue jump for all attendees of our event. All we have to do is wristband our gig attendees and pass on the information to GLAM to distribute to door staff. As we have previously partnered with GLAM on a past event, we have a good relationship and know they are reliable.

We have also asked them if they can provide a VIP booth for us to use as a Grand Prize in our raffle that will give the winner a private booth, free entry for 10 people, a bottle of vodka, bubbly and mixers. This is because we know the majority of attendees of our event will be going to GLAM afterward, and therefore the prize is more sought after helping us raise more money for the charity. They will be giving us the booth at a discounted price to help us out. 

UOG Rugby:

One of the main aims of our event is to make music gigs more inclusive, and to do this we need to reach out to the wide community.

d2dzjyo4yc2sta.cloudfront.netHowever, although it is our main concept, we don’t necessarily have the network ourselves to make it happen. Therefore we made the decision to contact UOG Mens Rugby, one of the biggest University Societies and one that we have contacts within. We pitched the idea to them, with the premise that we do all of the event planning, while they help us market the event and get people to attend and the money we raise goes to their partner charity.

This leads on to our secondary partner, Moth In a China Shop, the charity we will be raising money for. In order to raise money for them, we are charging £2 entry and hosting a raffle. I got in contact with the charity via email, to ask if I could have an official charity letter and find out their charity number so we can run the event officially. This also enabled us to ask local places for raffle prize donations as we were backed by the charity.

 Following, the Club Captain Charlie Sichel agreeing to partner with us, our next step was to create a marketing schedule for them and forward this to their social secretary to follow and distribute. 

Rugby Marketing Schedule

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