Feature: We Three – The Sibling Bands Rise to Fame

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“Music has always been part of our lives but for me, it’s almost like I didn’t let myself dream big enough.” Says Bethany, one-third of the aptly titled We Three, a sibling band from small-town Oregon who found fame on hit-show America’s Got Talent.

The band is made up of younger brother Manny (21), sister Bethany (25) and eldest Joshua (27) who have embraced music from a young age. Immersed in song since childhood, their father is the man responsible for teaching their musical talents being part of a family band himself. Now as We Three, the family off-spring hosts Manny on Guitar, Bethany on Bass and Joshua switching between drums and keyboard as they perform their melodic masterpieces.

It was their own song that captured the attention of America (and be it the rest of the world) in their audition for season 13 of America’s Got Talent. In a homage to their late mother who sadly passed away from cancer just a year prior, they performed ‘Heavens Not Too Far Away’ but it wasn’t a decision that was easy come by regardless of AGT producers urging them on.

“We knew the song was impactful,” Bethany says. “We had some conversations about it, because it was very personal. We don’t want to be a sob story, because my mom’s worth celebrating, and we didn’t want to go up there and tell a story that just leaves people in a sad place.”

It was something they achieved, with judge Simon Cowell responding “There’s something really special about you guys … I honestly think were at the start of something big here.” A comment that is not to be taken lightly from the reputable figure. The song is both uplifting and touching, the famous cast of the show including Mel B and Tyra Banks split between tears and praise for the three. The reception to the song which has since been released as a single replicated this with the audition holding 7.3 million views on YouTube and the music video a further 2.1 million.

“We’re super grateful for this opportunity,” again middle-child Bethany talks “We’ve had hundreds upon hundreds of messages from people on Facebook and Instagram, lots of personal stories of losing someone. We’re just so beyond grateful and overwhelmed.”

From bona fide emotion to pop-rock numbers, the trio continued their momentum throughout the competition performing original after original. Lifeline was their next self-penned hit that met the same accolade as its previous; a message of ‘it’s okay to not be okay’ recalls Manny before premiering the song at the next stage of the show. They reached the semi-finals of the show before their eventual elimination, but it was only the beginning of the band’s rise.

Straight into the studio just months after the TV whirlwind, on 7thDecember 2018 they debuted their 12 track self-titled album, a sign of diligence, passion and commitment towards their musical careers. Taking inspiration from idols such as Stevie Wonder, John Mayer and Ed Sheeran each track is lyrically constructed in a way to capture the thoughts of the listener and entice the imagination.image

“It’s our way to connect with people, spread light and love and spread the vision of hope for a better tomorrow. We like to be honest in our songs. As songwriters, we’re learning how important and difficult it is to be honest and vulnerable through your music because that’s when you can touch the most people.” Speaks Manny to PortlandNotes.

The album is an emotional journey, each song provoking different thoughts but still finding a way to relate to our lives in some way or another. It is a testimony only held by the greats of songwriting, the ability to touch and empathise with so many people, giving me reason to believe this is a band to watch.

While their success is noticeable from the incredible reception of the album, they remain teaching music by day, and playing venues at night; a testament to the musical bond that forges each of them together just as strong as their shared DNA. But their pursuit of music is one that is finally at reach as they embark on their US ‘Lifeline’ Tour, on back-to-back dates throughout March and April this year.

Discussing the upward struggle, Joshua notes “People feel like we were an overnight success but what they don’t see is that we have been doing this for 10 years before we went on AGT. We’ve been playing gigs and shows and there were many times when we felt like we were just spinning our wheels and nothing was happening. Everything is worth it. All of that work is super important.”


America’s Got Talent was ultimately a catalyst for the upcoming success of this band, a band with talents that shouldn’t be glossed over from the dazzling lights of a talent show. They have turned the musical cogs for over a decade, perfecting their act for another before that and I can only predict that the next decade will only bring more success for the sibling trio.  If you haven’t already seen their viral performances, you will almost definitely be hearing from them sometime soon making them my pick as ones to look out for.

Their debut album can be found on all major streaming platforms, and the band can be found @WeThreeMusic across social media.

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