Live Review: Enigma – Lady Gaga


Word Doc Download Link – LIVE REVIEW – Engima – Lady Gaga

Like an alien descending from the skies, Gaga glides down to the stage just metres above the tiered audience; setting the tone for what is to be a crazy but wildly intimate night. From a keytar to a 10ft robot and a prosperous middle-finger to all those who doubted her she brought the bizarre straight back to Vegas in her one-woman crusade. The show was accompanied by her enigma narrative, a spiritual alter-ego teaching Gaga to love herself. It was an extravagant visual to accompany what is a sombre but empowering message. However, the night wasn’t entirely filled with wacky gestures as Gaga struts towards the audience to meet a grand piano for the third act. She takes a pause to interact with her fans, many of whom have travelled from far and wide to witness the show – I included – before descending into her ballad ‘Million Reasons’. It was enticing and powerful and she held the attention of the crowd at every note. The show wasn’t over yet though, and the roar of her number 1 single Bad Romance proved that. She re-joined her latex-clad dancers for her final number; a fully choreographed routine and that was just from her super fans down in the standing pit, it was a fun-filled end to what was an incredible production. “Goodbye Gaga” says Engima as she evaporates but that wasn’t enough to end the buzz of the audience. Down amid the audience in the VIP seating sat Bradley Cooper, the expectations of the 5000-strong crowd looming over him. The lady herself returned for the encore, ‘yo Bradley, you wanna come up and do this one with me.’ It was Shallow, he had no choice. There was a sense of witnessing history but perhaps not on such a grand scale; the only others to hear the number live to be this years A-list Oscars attendees. 3 minutes of magic and with that it was all over.



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