Our Christmas Album!

As a team, we knew straight away that our first Boxed Records project would be to create a Christmas album, ready to release in December. As a team, we all love Christmas and were full of ideas of what we wanted it to achieve. To start the creative process, we held a team meeting and... Continue Reading →

Boxed Records

In September 2019, a group of 4 of us took on the challenge of establishing and running our own independent record label. The mission of Boxed Records is to offer a platform to showcase our university artists, giving them the opportunity to take part in various products and release their music to a wider audience.... Continue Reading →

Whittle Taps Live: Gallery

In March 2019, I along with some other students were approached by a local Cheltenham pub called Whittle Taps to host a live music event at their venue. There were no financial rewards, however, we thought it would be a good opportunity to build our events portfolio. Along with the help of three bands and... Continue Reading →

Live Review: Enigma – Lady Gaga

Word Doc Download Link - LIVE REVIEW - Engima - Lady Gaga Like an alien descending from the skies, Gaga glides down to the stage just metres above the tiered audience; setting the tone for what is to be a crazy but wildly intimate night. From a keytar to a 10ft robot and a prosperous... Continue Reading →

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