Whittle Taps Live: Gallery

In March 2019, I along with some other students were approached by a local Cheltenham pub called Whittle Taps to host a live music event at their venue. There were no financial rewards, however, we thought it would be a good opportunity to build our events portfolio. Along with the help of three bands and... Continue Reading →

Marketing Material for Revolution Live

For the past month, I have been working within my self-made production company to create a Live Music Charity event called Revolution Live. I have attached below all the marketing material I made to create the final marketing campaign. Poster Series: Artist Posters: Social Media Advertisements Event Signs Artist Promo Videos

Designing a Specialist Festival

Set Task 7 - Specialist Festivals  -download link As part of our MD5212 module we were set 7 different mini-tasks to complete, one of which is to design our own specialist festival. Below is the festival I have designed which is one that combines music with amateur sport.  

Comparative Piece on Two Major UK Festivals

Two Festival Comparison - download link In this piece, I am going to question the cultural, social and economic impacts of festivals through the analysis of similarities and differences between Capital’s Summertime Ball and BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend since their inaugurations in 2009 and 2003 respectively. ‘A performance event comprising two or more live performances... Continue Reading →

Planning a UK Tour

Set Task 4 - Planning a UK TourDownload As part of our Events Management module we have been learning about the booking process of different events and the planning involved for live music gigs. To apply our learning, we were tasked with realistically planning our own Live UK Tour for an artist we work with.... Continue Reading →

Smokey Joes: Live Event

After a month of planning, on Monday 8th October 2018 our live event finally took place. The event was beyond successful and was executed better than we ever could've anticipated thanks to our team of tech crew, sound engineers, and videographers. We filled the venue, and were happy to receive many compliments from the venue... Continue Reading →

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