Concept Albums: an opinion piece

The Concept Album. Defined as “an album that has a unifying theme or that tells a single story” derives from the idea of creating a narrative through a piece of music or series of songs. It’s origins date back to mid 20th century jazz era, with artists exploring rhythms and chord progressions which became the... Continue Reading →

Eminem Album Review

Over-political or an LP of activism?  The 9th release from renowned rapper Eminem has split critics and fans alike. ‘Revival’ was much anticipated following a 4-year hiatus since the 2013 ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’ release which came with its own abundance of questions and criticism. The real question however is, was ‘The Real Slim Shady’... Continue Reading →

Understanding Basic Music Copyright

The 3 Activities: To understand music copyright there are 3 basic activities that exist separately but can also intersect: 1) Writing Lyrics 2) Making Recordings 3) Performance Writing Lyrics: ♫ To begin, for a songwriter to become the original owner of their creative work, the work needs to be put into a fixed form. The... Continue Reading →

Key Issues Currently facing Music Practitioners

What are the key issues currently facing Creative Music Practitioners in terms of music production, distribution and consumption patterns and processes? In this paper, I will be discussing the emerging issues arising within the music industry because of the changing online environment. Tim O’Reilly coins the term ‘Web 2.0’ to demonstrate the transition of the... Continue Reading →

How Data is Transforming the Music Industry

The Usefulness of Data.  Data is particularly useful in the music industry because it allows those working behind an artist/band to build an audience profile, consequently allowing them to direct their promotional strategies to the right market. For example, Spotify has launched a new aspect called the 'Fan Insights Dashboards' allowing artists and managers access to... Continue Reading →

The Value Of Music

The Value of Music: Research Paper. The value of music is ambiguous. How people value music can be branched into a million different directions but it can also be compressed into the single statement from Jacques Attali ‘Music is more than an object of study: it is a way of perceiving the world.’ Historically, music... Continue Reading →

Applying Political Economies Theories to Music

Examples of theories discussed: Standardisation is a key term put forth by Adorno comparing how the process of mass-production of goods (particularly through the development of Fordism in the early twentieth century) relates to the production of cultural pieces such as music. Comparing annual chart positions throughout years or even decades illustrates Adorno's theory as... Continue Reading →

The 1975: Music Marketing Campaign Analysis

Biography: The 1975 are defined as an English rock band, forming in Manchester in 2002 following members Matthew "Matty" "Healy, Adam Hann, Ross Macdonald, and George Daniel meeting in high school. Their self-titled debut album The 1975 was released in 2013, reaching number 1 in the UK weekly charts and certifying platinum just over a... Continue Reading →

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