Career Development Plan

I have always been an extremely organised person and as I graduate from my Music Business degree and prepare to enter employment, I decided to create a career development plan. This will help me map out the steps that I need to take to develop my skills and what I need to do to achieve... Continue Reading →

Design Work for TuneRiver

Since October I have worked with Tuneriver as a social media assistant, designing visual content for their social media pages. Below is some of the content I have created.      

Revolution Live: Planning

Event Concept: For the last two months, we have been creating and planning a live music event as part of our Events Management module. Our final event is called Revolution Live and will be taking place on Monday 25th March @ Revolution in Cheltenham. The concept of our event is to make University music events... Continue Reading →

Our Production Company

For the past year, me and Jordan have established that we work well together and our enthusiasm for working in the music industry and ideas of what we hope to do and achieve align. Therefore, as we begin to work together on our own projects we saw it fit to develop our own production company... Continue Reading →

Interview Analysis: Sarah Young

I recently spoke with music industry professional and recent graduate Sarah Young, a current business coordinator for the company InGrooves, based in London. InGrooves is a business distribution company offering marketing and technology as part of their services with the aim of helping independent artists, labels and content owners to deliver music. From the interview... Continue Reading →

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