• Internship at Wychwood Festival – in May 2018 I completed a week long internship with Wychwood Music Festival, a family festival with approximately 10,000 attendees. In the run up to the event, I was appointed Head of Social Media in the marketing team and was responsible for photographing and keeping all social medias updated throughout the event. I was also an artist liaison and respsonsible for organising artist signings with the management of numerous headlining acts.


  • Planning my own Live Gig-  As venue liaison, head of marketing, and stage manager, the planning process was very important to me. Creating my own live gig/event has been something I have thought about, wanted to do and planned in my head for numerous years. Having now, accumulated the skills to make it happen I dived in and with the help of one partner, we planned our first ever live gig which featured 4 artists and had a 100 capacity audience.


  • Creating a Promotional Music Video- As part of our Media Production module we learnt different videography and photography techniques and how to use different video editing softwares. To put this knowledge into practise, I worked in a small team with singer-songwriter Ryan Nicklin to create a promotional video for his latest song.


  • Creating my own Marketing Campaign– Across a 2 month period, I worked to create my own product (a new album release) and develop an extensive marketing campaign to accompany the product.


  • Developing a Production Company- As I begin to work on different projects, in particular creating live events, me and my partner Jordan decided it would be interesting to create our own production company to develop and market our projects under one umbrella name. We have began to research into how having a production company can be a useful tool for marketing and to gain experience in recruiting people to create teams.


  • Interview with Ronnie Traynor – I was also lucky enough to interview Ronnie Traynor, the general manager of Various Artist Management an artist management company with a focus on brand partnership deals for their artists. I found it really interesting to learn about her day-to-day tasks and roles, her management style and her opinions on the current industry.


  • Interview with Sarah Young – I got the opportunity to speak with Sarah Young, a recent graduate who is now working as Business Coordinator at InGrooves. I found it interesting talking to Sarah as she gave me insight into how she transitioned from having a passion and studying music to working in the industry. She also told me about the struggles she has faced and gave me advice for my own career.


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