Planning a UK Tour

Set Task 4 - Planning a UK TourDownload As part of our Events Management module we have been learning about the booking process of different events and the planning involved for live music gigs. To apply our learning, we were tasked with realistically planning our own Live UK Tour for an artist we work with.... Continue Reading →

BBC Music Introducing Live

Just a few days ago I was lucky enough to travel down to London and attend BBC Introducing Live, a music industry convention with the aim of providing network opportunities and career development for those hoping to work within music. As far as experiencing the industry goes, this is one of the best days I... Continue Reading →

Producing Music using Protools

Track 1: On Distance (Original) Track 2: Dakota (Stereophonics Cover) Track 3: Part of Me (Neck Deep Cover) Last year, I worked with singer-songwriter and guitarist Adam Thorn to produce 3 tracks. It was my first experience of recording an artist and then mastering the music solely by myself and I learnt a lot about... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Where is the Music Industry?

In response to the research and learning in our Global Ecologies module, I have produced a 10 minute podcast discussing Where is the Music Industry? I found it interesting to look into music from other cultures and how they think about the Western music industry, and have enjoyed relating it the idea back to the... Continue Reading →

Smokey Joes: Live Event

After a month of planning, on Monday 8th October 2018 our live event finally took place. The event was beyond successful and was executed better than we ever could've anticipated thanks to our team of tech crew, sound engineers, and videographers. We filled the venue, and were happy to receive many compliments from the venue... Continue Reading →

Our Production Company

For the past year, me and Jordan have established that we work well together and our enthusiasm for working in the music industry and ideas of what we hope to do and achieve align. Therefore, as we begin to work together on our own projects we saw it fit to develop our own production company... Continue Reading →

Formation, Beyonce : Textual Analysis

BeyoncĂ© has always been an artist with the aim to empower whether that be to empower women, to empower races, or to empower her audience in general. At the beginning of this year came her latest motion of empowerment with the release of Formation but was empowerment really what she achieved? Formation tackled current issues... Continue Reading →

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